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ECN Accounts
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Trading conditions

Market Watch

The Market Watch window found in Mena Investing's Meta Trader 5 offers traders an overview of price data of dynamical instruments. These instruments include: quotes, price statistics and tick chart. 

Prices in the "Market Watch" window have different colors:

  • Blue — the current price is higher than the previous one;
  • Red — the current price is lower than the previous one;
  • Gray — the price has not changed for the last 15 seconds.

Double-clicking on the window will show a popup window in which traders can already place an order. 


A spread is simply defined as the price difference between where a trader may purchase or sell an underlying asset. Traders that are familiar with equities will synonymously call this the Bid: Ask spread. MenaInvesting LTD offers clients fixed competitive spreads on all spot instruments; but may rarely increase on some or all instruments during the times where Mena classifies the market as Hectic or unstable, in line with the current market conditions. We are able to offer market leading spreads in our platforms across all devices. To change spread type, variable or fixed, please send an email to our support team at: [email protected]



MenaInvesting award winning MetaTrader 5 offers top level data and threat protection. 

  •  -Data Encryption
    Data exchange between the trading platform and the server is compressed and encrypted based on 128-bit keys.
  •  -Extended Authentication
    The extended authentication mode can be enabled on the server, which additionally improves account protection from unauthorized access.
  •  -Server Authentication
    During authentication, not only clients confirm their authenticity, but the trade server also undergoes authentication in the trading platform. This is to ensure that the trade server is the very server, which it claims to be.
  •  -Protection of Configuration Files
    Connecting to a trade server using configuration files copied from the /Config folder of another platform is impossible. All configuration files that store server connection settings and accounts are encrypted.
  •  -Protection of Passwords
    All password entering fields are protected from being viewed using hacking programs.


With clients being our center of attention, we, at MenaInvesting thrive on providing the most proficient support team to guide you throughout your journey with us. Professional people also come with professional tools. MenaInvesting uses leading platforms to ensure users' experience is always satisfactory from our secure website to helpdesk services. 

• All trading transactions are performed online through the trading platform.

• By-phone trading is an option only in emergencies.

• Any system failure may result into not executing the order according to your instructions or not executing the order at all.

• Trading accounts are basic and not equipped with the following facilities:

  o Choice of Leverage (accounts are set by default to 1-100).

  o Expert Advisors.

  o Other facilities.

Technology Advancement

Mena Investing is determined to provide the newest in trading tools and platform. Our responsibility starts from our secure website that contains all information a trader needs to know. Mena Investing professional tools extend to the always-online and multi-lingual account managers whom are online across devices (smartphone, desktop, apps) and platforms (Facebook, email, chat, phone). 

MenaInvesting trading platform Meta Trader 5 is the newest that Meta Quote has to offer. Meta Trader 5 is the latest in a series of award winning forex trading platforms. Traders can now place 8 types of postponed or pending orders, whereas in previous versions it was only 6. 


Hedging a spot currency by its corresponding Future contract is forbidden, because it is an attempt to take advantage of the swap free facility and gain profits from swaps. Such orders are not allowed and must be closed immediately.

If there is no action taken from the client’s side to avoid such practices, Mena Investing holds the right to take the necessary actions on these accounts without further notice.

Order Types

A. Market orders: are the orders sent from the client terminal either by the client himself or a plug-in hooked to the client terminal (Expert Advisor), to buy or to sell an instrument on the current market price displayed on the market watch.

B. Pending orders: can be set in the same manner as market orders; but on prices predicted to be hit by the trader in the future, pending orders are similar in nature to limit, stop, and entry orders.

• All pending orders are guaranteed according to the fair market value.

• All pending orders are good until cancelled (GTC)

• All pending orders must be placed with respect to the rules that appear in the specifications contract for each instrument.

• Once pending orders are being processed, the system will reject any cancellation or modification attempted during that time.

• Pending order limitations may vary during hectic market conditions.

• If the market opens with a break off after weekend or holidays, upon release of important economic and political news as well as in case of force majeure events); orders (sell stop, buy stop, stop loss) are fulfilled at the first available prices in the market.

Even though such situations are not frequent, please be cautious when leaving pending orders over weekends and holidays

• Placing Stop Orders close to market price upon important economic data release will be rejected or deleted automatically.

Futures - OTC

Foreign exchange futures (OTC) offer investors and risk managers opportunities to benefit from market fluctuation, Mena-Investing's customers benefit from dealing anonymously in a fully transparent market, where large and small customers have equal access to the same prices and same liquidity with very low margin requirement and superb trading conditions.

Benefits of trading FX Futures (OTC):

  • Market Spread (very low spreads).
  • Low commissions fees.
  • Open, fair and anonymous currency trading.
  • Low margin requirements.
  • Very fast and liquid market.