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Forex Affiliate Program

The Affiliate Programs at Mena Investing are customized to meet every client's needs. MenaInvesting offers remunerations for all its clients whether individuals, managers, marketing firms or corporations; our account managers will draft an offer which best suits your needs and expectations. Affiliates will receive a vast array of supporting services to ensure they can achieve the maximum possible potential from their trading business.


As an affiliate, you receive all support needed in order to grow your business, benefiting from Mena’s reputation, products, and generous offers.

Below is a list of benefits for you and your referred clients:
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Introducing Brokers
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MenaInvesting's Introducing Brokers (IB) Program allows financial institutions to leverage our experience and advanced technology while still maintaining their own client relationships. The IB program is a great opportunity for both individuals and organizations to receive compensation (commissions) for introducing their customers or contacts to the Money Market. A forex IB (introducing broker) business can be structured in several different ways depending on the existing or potential client base of an individual or company. If you are thinking about setting up a forex broker business through our IB program and want more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mena Investing offers partnership programs which are designed for:

- Account Managers

- Introducers

- Exchange professionals

- Signals Providers

- EA Providers

- Forex Educators 

- Automated Trading Providers

- Web Masters

- Corporations 

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White Label Program

Mena Investing White Label Program

Establish your brand in the Forex Brokerage industry with MenaInvesting Our Forex White Label program is for individuals and institutions that want to establish a brand name and a presence in the forex industry. As a white label partner, you will be provided with a platform with your brand or logo. You will also enjoy our award-winning technology, 24-hour market making, full service back office support, and other administrative and support functions. Ideal candidates for the forex white label program include:

 Financial Services Firm that want to move their forex trading operation online quickly and cost effectively or establish a new forex brokerage division.

 Trading firms and/or online Brokers that want to offer a greater range of products to their customers. By expanding into the fastest growing financial market (foreign exchange), you will be providing your clients with a great value-added service while increasing the profitability of your firm.

 Companies and advisory businesses who offer forex tools and services which can be websites or newsletters and want to expand their web presence by offering online forex trading to their existing client base.

 Forex White Label Introducing Brokers will enjoy the most advanced forex trading software in the market. The white label trading platform provides real time streaming currency prices, instantaneous one click execution, real time management of currency positions, and robust risk management capabilities in addition to complete back office support and reporting features.

 Furthermore, the white label platform has an advanced charting package built directly into the software, coupled with other tools to help traders make the best decisions.

Best of all, the forex trading white label platform for our IB is very easy to use and offers ultimate flexibility in a familiar, high-security browser environment. The software is also compatible with most operating systems. This means that your customers can trade currencies from any computer, anywhere in the world 24 hours a day.

Why should you take advantage of our Forex White Label Trading Program?

1. Take advantage of powerful, easy-to- use forex trading technology and 24-hour market making operation at no risk to you.

2. Get started quickly! Become an introducing broker in a short period of time.

3. Establish a revenue stream with little or no upfront cost.

4. Flexibility. You can customize your own fee structure and dealing spreads for your forex IB business.

5. Online access to customer reporting.

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Mena Investing Asset Managers

Asset managers are usually corporations or professional traders responsible for trading a certain number of client accounts. Quite often their scope of activities will lie in multiple asset classes and not solely in foreign exchange. Most asset managers adopt a non-discretionary methodology, this means that they will inform their customers of their trading decisions and gain their approval before entering the market.

  • -Pre-define trading groups by transaction size with optional last second input
  •  -Effectuate block trades for up to a limitless amount of customers
  • -Survey total open positions, P&L, margin exposure etc. of all accounts all updated and marked to market second by second
  • -Block limit orders
  • -Print out statements and equity runs for each client.

Mena Investing offers a special Multi Terminal Platform for asset managers enabling them to effectuate block trades for as many customers as necessary with the same purely one-click, no request for a quote, they simply can click on an instant trading platform as featured in the individual customer platform. The Multi Terminal version of our platform enables managers to do the following:

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